101 Toolbox Topic Ideas For The Construction Industry

101 Toolbox Talk Ideas For The Construction Industry

Do you struggle to come up with toolbox talk ideas each week to discuss with your workers? Fear no more, Work Safety QLD is here to the rescue with 101 Free Toolbox Talk Ideas for the Construction Industry.

BONUS TOPIC IDEA: COVID-19 Hotspot Updates – It is important to keep your staff up to date on current Covid-19 Hotspot’s. Check out some of our Free Covid-19 Hotspot Poster’s, which you can download and display in your workplace for free!

  1. Alcohol Use in the Workplace
  2. Back Injuries & Preventitive Tips
  3. Clothing Safety in the Workplace
  4. Drug Abuse in the Workplace
  5. Machine Guarding
  6. Cold Stress
  7. Dealing with the Common Cold
  8. Conducting Concrete Work Safely
  9. Dangers of Excessive Sitting
  10. Dealing with Stress at Home
  11. Manual Handling
  12. Distracted Driving & Driving With Mobile Phones
  13. Dealing with Dust On Construction Sites
  14. Preventing Electrical Injuries
  15. General Electrical Safety
  16. How to Eliminate Hazards
  17. Excavation Safety
  18. Eye Damage from Sunlight Exposure
  19. Eye Injuries & How To Prevent Them
  20. Fall Protection & Prevention
  21. Top 5 Hazards In The Construction Industry
  22. Work Fatigue
  23. How To Properly Use A Fire Extinguisher
  24. First Aid
  25. Top 10 Reasons To Work Safe
  26. Dealing With The Flu
  27. Forklift Injuries & How To Prevent Them
  28. Work Area Inspections & What To Focus On
  29. Front End Loader Safety
  30. Re-Fueling Safety Procedures
  31. Working Near Mobile Equipment
  32. Work Health & Safety Habits
  33. Importance of Organised Storage Areas
  34. Handling Allergic Reactions
  35. What To Do In An Emergency
  36. Contact with Stinging Insects In The Workplace
  37. Burns & Burn First Aid
  38. Carbon Monoxide Safety
  39. Safe Operation of Chainsaws
  40. Looking After Your Hands In Construction
  41. Hand Tool Safety
  42. Hazardous Chemical Management
  43. Heart Attacks In The Workplace
  44. Managing & Preventing Heat Stress
  45. Heat Stroke In The Workplace
  46. Top 5 Hazards for Heavy Equipment
  47. Top 5 Major Heavy Vehicle Accidents of History
  48. Safe Operation of Heavy Equipment
  49. The Hierarchy of Controls
  50. High Wind & Its Dangers To Construction Work
  51. Housekeeping In The Construction Industry
  52. Keeping Hydrated Whilst At Work
  53. Ladder Safety
  54. Spray Painting Safety
  55. Rigging & Lifting Safety
  56. Lighting & Other Adverse Weather Conditions
  57. Mosquitoes
  58. Motor Vehicle Safety
  59. Muddy Work Areas
  60. Pressure Washing Safety
  61. New Employees In The Workplace
  62. New Work Areas
  63. Using New Work Equipment
  64. 10 Basic Safety Principals To Follow In Construction
  65. Noise Management
  66. Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  67. Office Safety & Ergonomics
  68. Organisation of Work Areas
  69. Top 10 Pinch Points for Hand Injuries
  70. Preventing Damage to Construction Equipment
  71. Horseplay On The Job
  72. Preventative Maintenance
  73. Pre-Start Checks
  74. Radio Communication on Construction Sites
  75. Report All Injuries, Incidents & Near Misses
  76. Importance of Safety Glasses
  77. Safety Related Paperwork
  78. Securing Construction Sites
  79. Selective Attention At Work
  80. The Dangers of Shift Work
  81. Silica Dust
  82. How To Safely Operate Skid Steers
  83. Skin Cancer from Sun Exposure
  84. Slips in the Workplace
  85. General Slips, Trips & Falls
  86. Snakes in the Workplace
  87. How To Use A Spotter Effectively
  88. Signs & Emergency Response for a Stroke
  89. Safe Use of Table Saws
  90. Band Saw Safety
  91. Preventing Theft On Construction Sites
  92. Safe Operation of Trucks
  93. Dealing With Workplace Stress
  94. Types of Fire Extinguishers & What They Are Used For
  95. Unloading Trailers
  96. Sleep Deprivation
  97. Wildlife in the Workplace
  98. Winter Weather
  99. Dealing With Wood Dust
  100. Spiders in the Workplace
  101. Working Alongside Contractors

Bonus Topics!

  1. How Often Does Lifting Gear Need To Be Inspected In Queensland?
  2. Workplace Inspections & Audits
  3. Workplace Mental Health
  4. What is a “Competent Person” according to the Queensland Legislation?

Do you have any other great toolbox talk ideas for the construction industry? Let us know in the comments below! 

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